There's actually a little bit of a story with this summer maternity session. I originally started planning this about 3 weeks prior to the session and we had a different dress ordered. We are starting a Client Closet so Jenifer was going to be the first client to model one of the dresses we had purchased. After a couple delays and reschedules due to the dress not arriving on time, we were set to go. Arriving to the session, I gave Jen the dress and she went to change. Within 2 minutes, Jen comes out and admitted the dress definitely did not fit (this is trial and error when ordering from boutiques overseas!) and we both laughed. Thankfully she was brilliant to think ahead and be wearing this dress, which in hindsight, worked way better than the other would have. She took it in complete stride and laughed at the whole thing and we had an amazing session. Red is absolutely her color and it worked so much better than the other dress would have. Her boys were adorable and so smitten with the idea of adding another boy to the mix!

family of four maternity session
pregnant mom and her husband
Red summer maternity dress
maternity session in the summer
red and navy maternity session
mom with kids and pregnant belly
brother portrait

Such a beautiful session with a gorgeous mama inside and out. Thank you so much Jen and your handsome fellas for braving the florida heat and creating magic!