These six are so kind and so sweet. Our first session had to be rescheduled because I had a sick kiddo and Julie was the most kind and warm hearted about it. Her background as a nurse added to that telling me to "take care of your babies" and a trick to help curb nausea which was a big help!

When I met them at their session, their second to youngest Jackson was immediately chatty and so much fun to converse with. He had a lot to say and we went over some dinosaur names (boy mom here) and all was right with the world. Their only daughter Emily, or Emmy as they lovingly refer to her as was sweet and a little coy but oh so smiley and definitely a girl standout in a house full of brothers.

Their oldest and youngest, Tyler (oldest) and Cameron (youngest) were the quietest, just taking it all in and doing what was asked of them. Tyler is going into high school and though he's not super nervous, he is looking to expand his political aspirations and I am excited to see what he does with that. Mr. Cameron was just going wherever he was put and pretty happily doing so. He stayed in Dads arms most of the time but as daddy's little twin, I think it made sense. Dad Nate and Mom Julie sure may seem to have their hands full, but I would definitely say their hearts are bursting and rightfully so!

Thank you so much Smith Family for trusting me with images of your family! I can't wait to see what those kiddos do and I am very much excited to see you all again!