Ali's Maternity session here in Florida was amazing. She is the first involved in using a dress from our Client Closet, which will be debuting in October 2019. We all know how it works when you have a fun photography session, whether it's maternity or not, and we buy a new dress for it. After the session, a good percentage of time, that dress is still sitting in our closet unworn. No bueno. Why not utilize a Client Closet where you pick a dress from our selection, wear it for your session, and then give it back for others to utilize as well?

To me, this sounds perfect because I am totally guilty of buying something new just for a session like this and never rewearing it. Ali jumped on board when I mentioned this idea and her session was everything I had hoped for. A white off-the-shoulder lace bohemian styled maternity dress that fit her perfectly!

maternity session at wickham park

The location lent some shade which is a must here in Florida where it's hot and fairly sunny all the time. We were able to hide away a little and I love the organic and relaxed nature of her session. I was happy to oblige when she mentioned being barefoot, too!

maternity session with lantern

Huge fan of these using the lantern, which was a last minute grab off my console table at my home. It was a perfect prop for natural use and nothing too over the top.

white lace maternity dress
maternity session at wickham park
unposed maternity session

This is my favorite shot of the session. To me, it screams free and natural and this black and white conversion is giving me all the feels. So happy to share these with you!